A recommended Subversion client for my Mac?

After upgrading to Monterey my old Subversion (SVN) client Cornerstone no longer works. I contacted support and the developers say they are still working on Big Sur support. Hah.

Anyway, I looked into migrating to Git at Bitbucket and it looks like a huge nuisance. I’m fine with keeping my repositories local and sticking with SVN because I’m basically the only one working on the code, for a few different projects. But I like have the repository for logs and reversion if needed.

It seems like if there is an alternative to Cornerstone I can probably just run it instead and use my current local repositories. Any suggestions for a nice SVN client for my new MBP M1 Pro running Monterey?

One I found in Google search was SourceTree https://www.sourcetreeapp.com/ - but I thought I’d ask other peoples’ opinions before making the leap.



I’ve used and liked Versions https://www.versionsapp.com.

I’ll check that out. Thanks. One think I realized after I posted was that Cornerstone is also an SVN server. So everything runs locally. Does Versions do that as well?

I used Versions (for years) as a client to a remote server, but I believe it ships with Subversion, so you don’t have to install anything else. I put high value on an intuitive UI, and Versions certainly met my expectations.

Thanks. I will try it out!

I’ve been trying out Xversion (https://ikoder.com) recently. IMHO it doesn’t feel as nice as Cornerstone, but it’s functional and cheap.

Do you mean that you have an SVN repository on a local filesystem, accessed via a file: URL? In which case, I believe that’s a standard feature of SVN, which I’d hope would be available in all clients.

It’s all local on my Mac. The whole purpose is just to keep track of what I changed over time. I do think there is a difference between client and server though.

I’m clarifying that with Versions. Also whether I can easily point to my local repository and still see all my old version notes (over 1400!).

Another thing I’m considering is using a Git client and just moving my repositories to Bitbucket. There is a way to migrate, but it looks complicated. Maybe I can just save my old SVN logs somehow and start from fresh there though.

A big nevermind here. Cornerstone is still working on my new MBP M1 Pro. I was just doing something stupid.