A Million Streams and Nothing to Watch? Reelgood and JustWatch to the Rescue!

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2019/06/21/a-million-streams-and-nothing-to-watch-reelgood-and-justwatch-to-the-rescue/

Tired of never knowing which streaming service has the show you want to watch? Reelgood and JustWatch can help.

Good information - Thanks. I only recently discovered JustWatch. I’ll try Reelgood.

I use https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/whats-new/ to see what is new on Netflix. They also have a whats leaving page.

IMDB also allows a watch list which lists places and prices for items that can be seen including their own stream called Freedive. Somehow they are connected with Amazon too because normally sold items can often be seen free with a few ads and an IMDb TV Channel. Fair warning though, I do not fine the IMDb interface at all intuitive.

As for auto-play, recently tried HULU. Talk about a horrible auto-play. At least it is just a static photo and not video.

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Nice article, just watch includes services in the UK, I can’t see any UK option for Reelgood.

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I like JustWatch for its speedy and accurate searches, and clearly presented results. Reelgood used to have a good interface before they redesigned a few years ago, so I stopped using them.

I do wish JustWatch would copy Reelgood’s Leaving Soon feature so I could apply that to my watchlist!

Also, how do these services make money?

Hulu’s interface on their AppleTV app, as well as their selection of movies, is just bad. They need to change the selection indicator from a line to an actual selection box or clear highlight. As it stands, I can’t tell which show is selected.

Yes. Reelgood ironically refer to themselves as “the world’s most extensive streaming guide”, while blatantly ignoring the fact that the US is not ‘the world’, and indeed ignoring the country that is the creative source of many of the top series. So JustWatch is the winner by virtue of Reelgood not even making the starting gate.

Thanks for informing readers about these services Josh.

I was browsing around JustWatch and found this page that says they are a marketing start up based in Berlin. https://www.justwatch.com/us/talent

I’m a big fan of JustWatch. However, I mainly use it to tell me when there are new episodes of my favorite shows to watch.

One big ol’ gripe against iTunes: It doesn’t let you know there’s a new season of a show you previously watched I bought seasons 1-9 of Archer, but I get no word when season 10 comes out. You’d think that might be something I’d like to know. JustWatch tells me that. Plus, it tells me when shows get canceled or stop production. (Really Amazon? No new season for The Tick?).

Looking forward to Apple Sign-in with JustWatch!

One thing you left out of the article: Which services have Apple TV apps. This is essential for tracking which episodes of a series you’ve watched (for instance, when Num3rs moved from Netflix to Hulu, I lost my place in the series, and it took like an hour to find it again). Reelgood has one (though with limited functionality); JustWatch does not seem to.

In fact, we were going to publish a short bit about the Reelgood Apple TV app being useful for avoiding Netflix autoplay previews this week, but while writing it, I ran across WatchAid, which is WAY better. :slight_smile:


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Eli here, head of product & design at Reelgood.

Honestly, a great teardown of the two products. You’ve identified many of the things we are aware of as friction points in our own interface and places where JustWatch has us beat. Pretty impressive to watch an outsider come in and astutely identify these differences, well done!

JustWatch is a great search engine and quick discovery tool, at Reelgood, we think of ourselves more as a platform that aims to answer not only, “where can I watch this?” but “what should I watch?” Which is why this year we are really doubling down on discovery tools like the “best of” view as well as beefing up our personalized recommendations. We’d like to be the portal into all the content you have access to on a nightly basis, which has lead us down the path of TV app development (sign up for the android TV beta here: http://eepurl.com/gc2_lj) as well as building out show tracking features to emulate the continue watching experience you see on many of your existing streaming apps.

Just a few things you may have missed that Reelgood offers beyond JustWatch:

  • Personalized recommendations based on what you watch (once you’ve logged in and marked a few things seen or tracked a few shows)
  • “watch next” queue that keeps all your shows organized and your next episode at your fingertips
  • Sync with Trakt.tv to automatically keep all your shows and movies up to date
  • Notifications for when shows or movies you want to see come to your services
  • Free services bundle that aggregates the content from some 120 different free to watch services

In regards to regionalization, we are a much younger company that JustWatch and building up this data is no small feat. We are going to be rolling out new regions towards the end of this year (finally!) and are excited to bring Reelgood to the rest of the streaming world.

Along with this, we are working to make streaming info more “at a glance” where you can see the whole overview of a show’s availability w/o drilling into seasons/episodes but that requires some data restructuring on our end. It is coming though to both search and details pages!

Other things on our roadmap: TV Apps, Android mobile, deeper personalization, live tv, integration of “clip” based media (i.e. YouTube, Redbull TV, Newsy, etc.), and quicker set up through importers

If there is anything else anyone would like to see to make connecting with their streaming universe easier, drop me a line at eli@reelgood.com

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Thanks for the response, Eli, and I’m glad to hear we hit many of the high points.

Do you have plans to enhance the Apple TV app so it can deep link into Amazon Prime Video and prompt users to mark shows as watched after returning from the other app? I’ve only used WatchAid a couple of times now, but it seems be exactly what Reelgood wants to be.

To be honest, much of our TV focus has shifted to Android/WebOS as we will be delivering the app along with some SmartTV launch partners this fall. Once that’s out in the open, then an AppleTV update won’t be too far off. Including deeplinking to Prime Video (when we launched the old Apple TV app, they didn’t support it). Here’s more on our TV app if you’re interested: https://www.reddit.com/r/cordcutters/comments/ag2aan/call_for_android_tv_beta_testers_reelgood/

Good call out and our apologies. Just made a change on our staging environment to the wording: “The most extensive guide to streaming in the US, with every TV show and movie available online.”

This will be live on our next update to Reelgood.com

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Fair enough—be sure to let us know when the updated Apple TV app is available. As you can imagine, we’re mostly interested in Apple solutions here.

Makes sense! We’ll keep you all in the loop.

Thanks for being so responsive. Respect.

Hopefully you’ll work towards including other countries. Especially the UK!

Fingers crossed it should be coming this fall as our first region!

Watchaid.tv, another US only service :frowning: