A howling text display bug in Sonoma 14.3

After the fix, does text entry work properly for you? I find I can enter characters, but I cannot enter numerical digits. Not in this Safari text box, not in Canon printer software, not in Nisus Writer Pro. I have not yet tried TurboTax, but that will be difficult to use if it also cannot input digits.

I find myself more and more cynical about Quality control in macOS software. Sonoma 14.3.1, MacPro7,1 (Intel).

had that happen repeatedly in mail. but it was consistently in replies to a friend. i blamed his outlook for creating some weirdness that apple fell into. hilarious to learn that it’s not just me.

yay apple coders! keep up the enshittification, kids.

Digits w0rk 4 me with macOS 14.3.1 on a standard Magic Keyboard with Touch ID (i.e. no numeric keypad).

I do have an Apple Extended keyboard. I see the same problem when running via Bluetooth, or plugged in as a USB keyboard. Sometimes I also see the lack of response to typing a space, and various other weird behavior.


Have you tried another account to see if it’s related to corruption in your current one?