82% of American teens own an iPhone, according to Piper Jaffray survey - Business Insider

Even better news for Apple…86% want their next mobile phone to be an iPhone. Only 10% want an Android:

I was recently chatting with a friend’s teenage daughter about which phones were considered cool in high school, and she said, “Pretty much an iPhone. Or maybe something from Samsung. Nothing else.”

I guess Apple knows it’s target audience although the older audience has more money. I recently realized I have at least one computer in almost every room not counting the phones and iPads. Right now I even have the 1999 Lombard out to recover some old drawings.

Something else that could bode well for the not yet announced Apple streaming service:

Yes, but the younger people have access to the older people’s money. I’m paying for my daughter’s 512 Gb (she takes lots of photos) XS. She also has her own credit card, tied to my wife’s account, and she’s not shy about using it.

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