21 New Features Coming to Apple Services in 2023

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Apple has released a list of enhancements coming to Apple services with the next versions of its operating systems.

In addition to offline maps and AirTag sharing, this is one of my favorites:

Explore the great outdoors with thousands of park trails. Maps is making it easier than ever to discover thousands of trails in parks across the U.S. with place cards that include detailed information like trail length and type, difficulty, and elevation gain.

Maps was in dire need of improvement to trails, especially in National and State Parks.


Meh. Maybe the offline maps but since I prefer Google Maps over Apple Maps…

Offline maps for remote areas was the last thing I needed Google maps for. I much prefer Apple Maps’s “turn at the next light” to Google’s “turn in x feet”.

It’s all how one’s brain operates. I’m much more verbal than visual.


@Simon Agreed, overdue, I also use and you probably know All Trails, a good app - https://www.alltrails.com/

Google Maps has more utility still, I like their nearby secondary search more. But I hate how it looks compared to Apple Maps, which is much easier to glance at and know what to do while driving. For day to day and local I use the Apple version.

That all said, for long distance I use Waze, the alerts to hazards and cameras are useful. It’s also the only one which will audibly alert me if I exceed a speed limit, easily done on our rural roads. It’s not 100% accurate on speeds but close enough to temper my driving.

I’ve started using Apple Maps more because of this too. Internalizing distance in an unknown area isn’t nearly as easy as going by landmarks.

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Apple Maps has been catching up with Google with alerts about speed warnings. It now works well with alerts when entering school zones, at least in the busy area where I live.

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