1Password “Offline” items

The recent update of 1Password gave me a new error:

It was a bit disconcerting that not all of my passwords weren’t syncing between all of my devices and that I could end up with the wrong password on my Mac or iPhone and unable to login.

However, it appears that this is not a new problem and that it involves items I had previously deleted.

A new feature in the latest revision of 1Password is detecting items that are stored in the cloud, but aren’t syncing to your devices. This issue may have existed before, but you never saw a warning before.

Almost all cases where the item isn’t syncing involve an old deleted password entries. Clicking on the View Offline Items will show you the items. In my case, only a single old financial account showed up. I logged into the 1Password webpage, found the item, renamed it, and then restored it. This took care of the problem.

Then rather than delete the item, I archived it.

I’m glad the issue was very minor, but 1Password needs to fix this bug.