1Password near miss

I don’t know what happened, however I recently found out that over 20% of my password and corresponding web addresses have been deleted from my primary vault in 1password V7. After spending most of yesterday looking for my backup copy they suddenly returned, however not completely.When I use 1P it opens OK, however I have to go looking for the relevant item that corresponds with the web page I am trying to log into.This is very frustrating along with the canned response I have received from 1password support. I am almost certain that at the very first time I used this product I set up icloud to be my backup destination, I can cannot locate such a backup.Should I be able to see my backup when I log into icloud.com. thank you for any assistance. John

Is this a standalone vault or are you subscribed to 1Password’s cloud service (where your vaults are stored in the cloud)?

If it’s a standalone vault, (even if it’s synced to iCloud, that’s still a standalone vault) I believe automatic backups of 1Password data are found in your Library/Group Containers/2BUA8C4S2C.com.agilebits/Library/Application Support/1Password/Backups folder. I’m checking right now and that’s where mine are.

Also AFAIK, 1Password doesn’t back up to iCloud. You can configure it store your vault to iCloud - but that’s not a backup.Which means that any other user of the iCloud sync’d copy (either iOS or another Mac) can make changes and those will be reflected for all other users of the vault.


Yes mine are being stored at the same drive directory that you mentioned.
what threw me was that in my 1pqssword preferences it used the word iCloud and
I couldn’t find any reference to 1password anywhere in my iCloud.I must admit I’m still confused.
Thanks Technogeezer for your response.

Sorry and disturbing to hear of your troubles. I’ve always gotten excellent support from 1Password. Did you use this email?

Thanks for your reply Owen, the 2 responses I received from 1password didn’t address the issue in fact just wanted for me to upgrade to V8

Regards, John

Hi Holty43…yeah…that seems to be all they’re interested in at this point. They’ve sold a big bunch of the company to some VC group and those guys are interested in ROI…which in my mind explains why we’ve seen the forced subscription, loss of features, less than macOS like client, etc, etc. The company has…IMO and from posts their forums I’m not alone…has sold out for the big bucks. It’s a pity…they used to be Apple hardware oriented and provided a great product at a great price…but their current “trust us, your data is safe and you don’t have to worry about backing up anything because our servers would never go down” attitude is beyond crazy…and so unlike the way the company was for years.

Neil I agree, however was there ever a time that 1password allowed users to use their iCloud space as an auto backup destination.

Never tried it…but you can select any folder you want in the dialog box so selecting something in the iCloud folder seems like it would work.