1Password iCloud sync not working

Hi dear fellows.

I recently discovered that 1Password iCloud sync stopped working some weeks ago. I pay for a 1Password account with a family subscription for three years now. It seems that the sync stopped working when my subscription was renewed 2 months ago. I asked for support but got not reply from them. Did someone have the same issue with iCloud sync feature ?

Thanks for help.
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Welcome Adrien!

If you have a 1Password account, and your 1Password Mac client has been updated to version 8.x (I believe the current version is 8.7.1), your data will ONLY sync with the AgileBits cloud that’s part of your 1Password account. They no longer support syncing to local vaults (syncing through iCloud or Dropbox), just to their own servers.

Check the version you have (About 1Password), and if it is version 8.0 or greater, that is why your iCloud sync no longer works.

It is possible to reinstall version 7.x, I understand, but AgileBits says that at some point in the future it may stop running because of operating system changes, and that will be that.


Quite accurate!

Hi Thank you very much Matt. I am still on version 1Password v7.9.5, because I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 12.5.5. I am afraid than version 8 does not support this release. But I cannot understand why sync stopped working when my subscription was renewed. AgileBits did something on my account and that’s why they don’t want to give a reply to my support request ?

Thanks for all. Any suggestion for a replacement for 1Password I am thinking of leaving it ?

https://tidbits.com/2022/04/11/moving-from-1password-to-keepass/ Read the article and the discussion.

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Enpass seems to be about the most 1 for 1 replacement from my research. Non subscription, uses DropBox (not sure about iCloud though) and is otherwise pretty feature comparable with 1PW v7.

Hi Neil. Thank you very much for you suggestion. I’ll give it a try. 1Password has been my password manager for more than 10 years. It’s a pity to give up. Best regards.

I don’t understand why it stopped, either. But it is true that AgileBits is pushing subscriptions and pushing use of their own cloud very, very hard. My desktop 1Password client on 7.9.5 is urging me to set up a half-price subscription for the next three years, and my head and heart are urging me to say, no, thank you.

@paalb and @neil1 are correct. @jcenters wrote a great piece about moving to KeePass, but his interest is in hosting his data on a local Synology server. For your purposes, there is a lot of information in the discussion thread on that article that can help you.

I’m not sure how you get out of the subscription model, which is basically “renting” 1Password access to you. I’m still on the model of purchasing a license for the Mac and iOS/iPadOS versions, so I haven’t run into this issue. The 7.x versions will work until they do not any longer.

For you, I would recommend researching alternatives. Best of luck!

FWIW I’m using v7, and just set up a new mac and after logging in it synced correctly.

I doubt the two events are related. The subscription has nothing to do with iCloud sync. If you’re paying for a subscription, why don’t you just sync through AgileBits’s servers instead?