1Password 7.8.7

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Adds support for the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID on M1-based Macs. ($64.99 new, free update, 75.8 MB, macOS 10.13+)

I just happened upon the update article concerning AgileBits 1Password update to 7.8.7

In the blurb it is mentioned, if I understood properly a Stand Alone License is still available.
As of 15 June 2021 AgileBits no longer sells Stand Alone Licenses.
Please see this update via 1Password forum from one of the creators, Dave of 1Password.

Once opened, please scroll down slightly past the gentleman, @soshiito who posed an excellent query and Dave responded.

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for the heads-up—we hadn’t seen that before.

No trouble. Glad to help out.

Hi @ace - I hope you’re planning a story on this change. I might be OK with a subscription-only model, but I am definitely not OK with losing my ability to store some 1Password vaults locally and others on a cloud service of my choosing. Time to research alternatives.

We’ve been watching the situation, but given that 1Password 8 is just in beta, we’re waiting to see what happens with the actual release.

There has been a lot of discussion here.

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