1Password 7.7

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Brings design improvements for macOS 11 Big Sur and enhances integration with Safari. ($64.99 new, free update, 57.5 MB, macOS 10.13+)

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The new version seems rather intrusive in Safari. Every time you go near an email field, it displays a 1Password box on the screen.

Thankfully you can tone this down the the 1Password Browsers preferences by turning off Automatically show inline menu.

Yeah, initially I really liked having 1Password directly in the login fields on websites, but after a day of using it I found it often conflicted with Safari’s autofill. The Safari and 1Password pop-ups would overlay each other making it impossible to reliably (or even at all) select an item from either. This happened with credit card info, usernames, and name autofill. If they could fix these collisions I’d give it a try again, but at the moment it makes things much worse so I’ve turned off inline support.

I have turned off Safari’s Autofill to prevent a conflict.

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I guess that’s the other option. I use Safari autofill for addresses, but maybe I should put them in 1Password and turn off Safari autofill. Thanks!

Have tried numerous times to install the update from the Apple MacOS App Store but it fails to complete every time. Contacted 1PW support but they told me to delete the App and download it from the website. Do these companies think we have nothing better to do than spend time fixing their bloody mistakes. If the App Store App won’t download they should remove it from the App Store and fix it!

I just had this problem and the solution turned out to be simple: in the existing install of 1P, go to its menu and choose “quit 1Password completely” and then tell the App Store to download.

I did that and it worked just great. Before that I tried half a dozen times and was very frustrated.

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Hey thanks Mark, I did that and this time I received a pop-up that told me I had to to quit Safari first to finish setting-up the 1PW App update. Thanks again.