1Password 7.6

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Brings a variety of notification improvements to the password manager. ($64.99 new, free update, 55 MB)

First, I love 1Password and couldn’t live without it on either my iPhone or Mac. That being said, the issues I am experiencing having installed the 7.6 update on both devices are:

  1. I couldn’t log in immediately with my password on the iOS version, it took a couple tries and I was typing the correct password. I normally have the FaceID log me in but of course that is temporarily disabled when you update.
  2. There is the continuing issue (not exactly a problem, but one I’d like to see addressed) of the mini app on the Mac listing “all items” as the default when you open it, and when 99.9% of the time I need “Logins” as the default to get to a site and quickly open it - and I haven’t seen any way to make “Logins” the default.
    Other than this, I’m a very happy 1Password customer and have been for years!
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I haven’t notice the first problem, but I have just installed the update on two Macs running Catalina and both updates killed the Safari extension. (Nothing happens when you click on it.) This made 1P really difficult to use (I could still copy/paste from the main app, but passwords were not auto-filling.)

After a lot of trial and error, the solution I found was this:

  1. Using Activity Monitor, I force quit everything to do with 1P (3 processes).
  2. Quit Safari.
  3. Launch 1P and unlock.
  4. Launch Safari and the extension finally seems to resurrect and function properly.

I’m not too impressed by this complex fix. The only advice I could find on the 1P website was restarting your Mac which would probably have the same effect, but I hate rebooting and this seemed to work. It still involved quitting Safari is which not trivial (and half the reason I don’t want to reboot as all my windows have to be repositioned and the tabs reloaded).

I thought this was just a fluke on the first Mac, but the exact same thing happened on the second. Both of them also gave errors on install from the App Store saying the app couldn’t quit and couldn’t be installed; once I force quit the app it installed, so perhaps there’s something else going on.

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Odd, I just checked and the 7.6 update didn’t kill any of my browser 1P extensions, including on Safari and I am running the latest Catalina update on a 16" MPB. Thanks for the instructions on how to correct this, though, if it happens to me on a future 1P update I will at least know what to do!

The updates went smooth for me. The mismatch between the version on Safari and the main app caused a problem, and as usual I recognized the problem and the very simple solution. Just log out of my MacOS account and log back in.

I manage to forget this simple step every time.

I ran into an intermittent problem. Everything would go smooth entering my password and having 1P open fine. In both Safari and Brave browsers I could not get it to enter the info in on the sign-in screens for sites. Had to do a copy of username and then a copy of the password for the site I was going to or nothing would happen. Once a reboot took care of it and the second time just doing the paste and then getting admitted to a site the problem disappeared signing into to other sites. But the problem did not happen consistently, just a couple of times. All seems well now (knock on wood).

No problem with iOS so far.