13" MBP loudspeaker busted?

So lately, I’ve noticed my beloved 2013 fully decked out Core i7 13" MBP has started experiencing audio issues when using the external speakers (AirPods and wired headphones are fine). The loudspeaker seems to rattle. It gets worse when I crank up the volume and it the more bass the worse it gets too.

Is there any chance this is something that others have experienced and it might simply require tightening a few screws? Or would only a trip to the genius bar with speaker and/or internals replacement to the tune of several hundred Dollars be likely to resolve the issue?

It is not an unknown problem for that model. With care and help from OWC or IFixIt, it is relatively easy to replace the speakers. Proceeding carefully and following the guide, it should take about half an hour. A clean static-free workplace and a toolkit such as from either vendor is essential.

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Thanks, James. You make it sound like it’s certain this is speaker hardware and not just some connection or loose components.

Indeed when I play with the balance I notice that it’s clearly only the right speaker that’s broken. The left is as clean as always.

iFixIt has a replacement part for $30.
I should already have all the tools I need. I guess I’ll order and attempt to fix it myself. Just hope I don’t screw anything up. I love this MBP. :slight_smile:

I have the exact same issue with the internal speakers on my same spec model, same year, same processor.

I’ll check out replacing them both, the right went first then the left followed soon after.

Replaced my right speaker today. The whole process was not that tricky, but I never feel super comfortable prying those flat connectors off the motherboard. iFixit’s repair guide was really great. My 2013 MBP is going strong again. :wink: Thanks for the tips. :slight_smile: