12 Compelling Features Coming to Apple’s Operating Systems in 2023

“Siri iPhone”
“Siri MacPro”
“Siri Homepod”
“Siri Watch”
“Siri Studio”

Just a note: the wife of a friend says, “Hi Siri”.
It works just fine.
She says that “Hey Siri” is rude to Siri.

Indeed. I’ve taken to holding down on my kitchen HomePod while there. But I wish there was a way that you could state a preference - here’s my hierarchy of Siri. Whichever set of devices are near me, use the one device highest on the hierarchy.

Like every other macOS release, there are a bunch of changes (some under the hood, some user-facing) that they don’t mention in the keynote. And those changes are generally the ones that interest me the most.

I’m talking about features like the “File Renaming” feature they added to the Finder a few years ago. There was little to no mention of it anywhere at the time, but it’s probably the most useful feature Apple has added to the OS in years (for me, anyway).

I’ve already noticed several things in the Sonoma beta that nobody is talking about, and I suspect there are a lot more… it’s just a question of coming upon them.

General warning: The macOS betas are now available to everyone, but I don’t recommend installing it unless you have a “throw-away” machine that you’re willing to completely erase if necessary.

My phone sits next to me on my desk, the iPad is about 3 feet away, in a case in a cabinet.

Hey Siri dial ……

Muffled response from the iPad: Sorry I cannot do that

Not muffled response from me: Damn you Siri!!!


Here’s what Apple says about how it works.

We have very little trouble with this for the most part. Our HomePods pick up (correctly) on most commands. The only time we have trouble is when one of us is actively using an iPhone and it hears the command instead of the HomePod.


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it’s been less than a year since the release of Ventura, and now Apple z’already to boot out
MBPro 2017 models

I find that compelling in a different sort of “Think Different” way

#Jeez Louise

The problem I, or rather my devices, face is I typically have most of them in use simultaneously, a timer on the HomePod, a podcast on the iPhone, a recipe on the iPad and my hands covered in flour.

Facetime support for Apple TV… I mirror an iPhone/iPad to the Apple TV. The iPhone/iPad camera and Apple TV audio-visual are used so not much of an improvement for me.

I am looking forward to this. We do family FaceTimes a couple of times a month and I generally use an iPad with a stand in a room where just beyond the table where the iPad sits I have an Apple TV and a huge screen. Plus I always have a spare iPhone around to use in case one of us have issues with one of ours, so this will work really well for us, I think.

I will need to upgrade to a 4K ATV though from the HD that’s already there.

FaceTime video is the primary way we communicate with our sons in Dublin and with my wife’s family in the States. Having it on AppleTV will be great.

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From the link that @ace provided:

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you can place it face down so that it doesn’t respond to ”Hey Siri.”

You can prevent an Apple Watch from responding by holding your wrist behind your back when you issue a “Hey Siri”. I learned this because I usually issue some instructions to a Homepod by my bed before retiring for the night.

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I’ll try that. It’s in a case in a cabinet so I don’t really pay attention to which way is up. The phone is up.


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Definitely waiting for shared airtags. I mean, jeez, that should have been there at the get-go. Now people with an ipad or mbp but no iphone, can actually use an airtag if they are part of a family that has an iphone. We also have airtags on shared vehicles so we know where the vehicle is at.

Am I the only one, or does the lack of scrolling within a Calendar day in month view bother anyone else? Drives me crazy that if I have more than a few appointments on a given day, I have to switch to week or day view to see the hidden ones. I use WeekCal on my iPhone, has always had a little red arrow in the bottom to show that there were more unseen entries you could easily scroll the window to see.

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That bothers me too. But to me even more bothering is that double-clicking an event gives only garbage ASCII views of what for example in Google Calendar is a reasonable HTML entry.

You can always not look or even close your eyes. Unless you’re in A Clockwork Orange. My apologies if that’s the case. :grin:

This article should put your mind at rest about the live voicemail feature (it’s off by default; you can still ignore a call if you do turn it on.)