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So…I want to subscribe to several YouTube channels but don’t want to stay logged in to google or YouTube all the time because of privacy.

I logged into YouTube and subscribed and clicked get notified All for those channels and then set my notification settings to email me all notifications…also verified the email address in YouTube. Switched to Mail tab and verified that incoming mail is set to forward to my real email account.

Waited a day and no email notifications…so logged into YouTube and there ar several notifications waiting…but no mail in either the gmail inbox or my regular mailbox.

Am I missing something? Seemed like YouTube ought to be producing gmail messages that then get forwarded to my real email.


They dropped email notifications for new videos in channels you’ve subscribed to on August 13, 2020 (see [Changes to emails you receive for new video uploads from your subscriptions - YouTube Community]). I went from watching 2 or 3 videos per day to one per month, maybe.

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FWIW, I don’t bother with YouTube notifications. With the number of channels I’m subscribed to (currently 64 channels), notifications are like drinking from the firehose - I’d just end up ignoring them all anyway.

Instead, I log on when I want to watch videos. When using a web browser, the list of subscriptions is on the left-side of the screen (or behind a hamburger menu if the window is narrow or on a mobile device). YouTube puts a blue dot next to any subscriptions that have new content since I last visited its feed and a red icon next to any subscription with an active live stream.

There are similar indicators when I watch using the YouTube mobile app or my Apple TV. Pull up the subscription list and look for the blue dots. Or (especially on the Apple TV) just scroll over the list and look at what’s available on the rest of the screen. The little red line below the video thumbnails (indicating what’s been played so far) makes for a good reminder of what I have and have not watched so far.

You can, of course, then log out when you’re done watching.

You might try an RSS feed:

Michael Tsai - Blog - YouTube RSS Feeds

[I don’t watch anything on youtube anymore because the user experience is just about as horrible as they’ve been able to make it…]

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Thanks all…I will try the RSS feed and if that doesn’t work will just log in. I only want to watch a couple of photography channels as well as Rene Ritchie anyway.

FWIW, I started using the RSS feed via the NetNewsWire app. Works like a charm!