Yahoo Groups to Eliminate Web Features and Delete All Content; Email Continues

I’m offering a service that will extract all the yahoo group data from both private/public yahoo groups data for a fee.

My service:

    • Public groups backup
    • Private groups extraction (will require admin credentials for the account)
    • Extraction formats include excel, csv and html

Not Included in the backup

    • Importing to new platform
    • Data Translation/Data cleaning
    • Additional post backup requests

Total cost:

    • Full backup $500

Payment details:

    • $250 for the first installment.
    • $250 after the last sample excel file is sent

After the first payment I will start work.
Once I have completed the data backup, I will send a excel file with 10% of the final backup file as verification of my work.
I will send the file once the final $250 payment is complete.

If your interested, please contact me at

  • oran c

I decided to allow this post through, even though it’s explicitly commercial, because it’s offering a service that might be valuable to people affected by Yahoo’s actions. The fact that I’ve done so in no way implies that I’m endorsing the service. It could be a complete scam, for all I know, and anyone taking advantage of it does so completely at their own risk.

understood. no endorsement.

And honestly, the fact that you posted again here (and are obviously thus a person, and not some random spammer) makes me more comfortable with your post. If you have any advice for Yahoo Groups owners dealing with this situation, it would be nice to share that too.

awesome. thanks ill see if i can help. my company i work for is going though the same thing everyone else is, and i want to help.

I’ve moved to It has lots of the same features of Yahoo Groups and they will import your group and contents over. has a free level and a $100 per year service level.

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Here’s a selfless effort to archive a lot of the public information that’s otherwise being lost:

One of the biggest problems has been the lack of images in the emails. I have a group with near 52,000 members and was given 2 months basically to do something about it. I also have the same list over at Google Groups and can only add 100 members a day to Google Groups. As you can imagine, that’s a whole lot less than 52,000.
Now my members are unsubbing right and left because they are just getting texts and links instead of the images.
This could very well be the end of my business. I managed to export all of my Yahoo members, but still can only add 100 a day to Google.
If anyone has ANY ideas, please let me know, and thanks!

Look at , I think they can even import your Yahoo group so it would be a booth transition. And much better than Google Groups!

I moved my group to a few months ago. Much more better!:blush:

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As I understand it, it is too late to move a group now. The deadline has passed. What you can still do is get a copy of the text of the messages in the group as the deadline for that function has been extended. is a good substitute for Yahoo Groups, and it did have a paid option to import a Yahoo group. However, Yahoo did not offer many of the message attachments so they could not be imported. You did not end up with everything that Yahoo had.

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