Yahoo/Apple Mail Weirdnesses

Hello. I’ve been having some Apple Mail anomalies for a month or so, where my Yahoo mail, which comes in through Apple Mail, is truncated in inconsistent ways. Some mail has only a subject line and no content, some mail has partial content, and some mail is intact. The results don’t seem to be related to the content of the mail (in some cases, complex mail with a lot of images, links and test comes through, but similar mail has the problems detailed above).

If I go to Yahoo online, the mail looks fine; I looked at the settings, though only casually, and they seem fine too. I don’t get any error messages about the mail. I have used programs like Onyx and Cocktail to rebuild the mail databases, clear caches and the like. I’m on an 2017 MacBook Pro running Ventura 13.1. Thanks for any advice.

Some amplification: The Yahoo messages come in full to Mail on an iPhone and an iPad, so it’s just desktop Apple Mail that seems to have the problem; I did update to Ventura 13.2, and that didn’t solve it.

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I’ve been having the blank e-mail issue for some time. Today I followed what seemed to me to be an unlikely fix, but it seems to have worked.
Shut down, restart in Safe Mode, and see if previously blank messages now visible - they were.
Restart normally, check visibility again - all well.

The story goes that starting safe mode clears some caches that a normal restart won’t do (wish I knew which ones so I could clear them without going through that palaver). If the issue persists on restarting in normal mode, it is said some log-in items might be the issue, which you can prove by making a new account and entering e-mail details and seeing if messages are visible there. It might not be your third party log-in items, but actual Apple items too. So if switching off log-in items half at a time (just like the old days with extension conflicts!) can’t identify the culprit, Apple suggests reinstalling macOS.

Good luck!

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Both I and my Mom have been having issues with blank emails since sometime last summer. I have a 27" iMac, she a MacBook Pro, both from 2017. She doesn’t live with me. We’re both on Monterey. The problems seem to have started on both computers at about the same time, so my guess is that is related to some MacOS update, though we didn’t think about it at the time, and at this point, I wouldn’t know which one it was.

I have email messages come in from 2 different mail servers, AT&T/Yahoo being one of them, but the problem occurs for all messages, not just Yahoo’s.

The emails open normally at first but after a couple of minutes, all text other than the FROM and SUBJECT goes blank: the body text in the side bar and the larger viewing window totally disappears. Clicking on a message to make it “active” also yields a blank window. After a couple of minutes, they all reappear and everything seems to work normally—until the next time Mail is quit and re-opened, though sometimes when other apps have been used and Mail has sat inactive for a while, there is a short lag before everything reappears.

Apple had given me a routine for occasional maintenance: Reset the PRAM and then re-open in “safe” mode to make sure all permissions are correct and whatever else it does. I’ve done that a few times in the intervening months, but the Mail problem continues (not that I did that to fix this problem, but just responding to drmoss_ca’s comment above).

I try to keep the INBOXES, SENT, DRAFTS, JUNK, and TRASH pretty uncrowded, so I wonder if it’s a memory problem of too many messages stored in permanent mailboxes “On My Mac.” One thought I had was: 1) to remove the various “On My Mac” mailboxes from ~Library/Mail; 2) delete the remaining files and folders; 3) re-enter all the account information for my various email addresses; and 4) slowly restore the other mailboxes to ~Library/Mail. I’m hesitant to try it out, though.

I also don’t think it’s related to log-in items, since my Mom doesn’t use any, and I only open with Calendar.

Unrelated Mail problem: In 2 of my email accounts (and not on all the AT&T accounts), Mail — on its own — renamed the Trash folders “Deleted Items,” so when you delete a message it doesn’t go into a Trash folder. So you can’t get rid of them by commanding “Empty Trash.” I deleted those 2 odd folders, figuring Mail would rebuild them, but that didn’t happen, so until I delete and re-enter the account information, I have to manually drag them to the “On My Mac” trash folder, which I forget to do occasionally.

Things on Macs sure have gotten more complicated than they used to be.

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Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately, restarting in Safe Mode and starting again didn’t do it—both in Safe and normal modes the messages are still truncated or blank or missing some header/footer info—very inconsistent in how they don’t work (and some of them do work, so inconsistent yet). I have used some cache-cleaning tools like Onyx to reset some System caches, but that didn’t do it either.

My log-in items list is pretty short, but I’ll check that out again. I’ll keep messing…

I appreciate the response. I do have your phenomenon of the fully blank mails, but those numbers are small compared to the cut-off messages or messages with elements missing. I have rebuilt the Mail databases but haven’t tried moving/removing Mail folders, though I’ll take a look at those. As well as reset the PRAM, which I haven’t done in a very long time. I do have both a Trash folder and a Deleted Messages folder in my Yahoo mailbox, though the Deleted Messages folder just has a single mail message from 2017(?) and the Trash has messages I just deleted. Back to the drawing board…

Blank e-mails came back today. Once again fixed in Safe Mode. Haven’t found out yet if it remains fixed (but likely temporarily) as I’m told I should upgrade to 13.2.1 and I though I might as well do it while in Safe Mode. Maybe this update contains the fix to Mail? If not, I’ll have to start weeding out log-in items, like Little Snitch and so on.

I did upgrade to 13.2.1 and ran Onyx, which rebuilds the mail index, but the empty or half-empty emails keep a’coming. I do have a number of osascripts in Login Items that run in the background that say they are from an unidentified developer. I searched for any info on what that means, but didn’t get clarity. Perhaps I should start turning them off and see what happens.

You may want to read this thread first.

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Thank you! I wish, if these are Apple-authored scripts, that there was more documentation as to their use on my machine and if they are necessary at all. I want to know (at least at a fundamental level) what the Great and Mighty Oz is doing behind that screen. Though it’s likely I wouldn’t get it anyway.