Yahoo/Apple Mail Weirdnesses

Hello. I’ve been having some Apple Mail anomalies for a month or so, where my Yahoo mail, which comes in through Apple Mail, is truncated in inconsistent ways. Some mail has only a subject line and no content, some mail has partial content, and some mail is intact. The results don’t seem to be related to the content of the mail (in some cases, complex mail with a lot of images, links and test comes through, but similar mail has the problems detailed above).

If I go to Yahoo online, the mail looks fine; I looked at the settings, though only casually, and they seem fine too. I don’t get any error messages about the mail. I have used programs like Onyx and Cocktail to rebuild the mail databases, clear caches and the like. I’m on an 2017 MacBook Pro running Ventura 13.1. Thanks for any advice.