WyzeCam received

I ordered two WyzeCams after reading Josh Centers’ article:

Shipping was delayed, but I am pleased to report that I received the cameras today. So far, they’re every bit as cool as Josh led me to believe.


Over two months since Ron’s note but today I received a note saying v2 of the WyzeCam is finally available. I had already filled out the order form for two units and was able to complete the order today. My only concern is these are not weather proof so I guess I’ll have to shoot them through windows which apparent will negate their night vision. Should be fun to play with though and at the price might be somewhat useful.

Glad you like them! They’re worth the wait.

I put one high under the eave of my front door where it’s protected from the rain and it seems to be fine. (I’ve had a different brand of indoor-only camera there for years with no trouble.) It’s cheap enough I’m willing to risk it.

It’s working great — I get a motion alert when UPS drops off a package without ringing the bell, the way they seem to do despite my constant complaints to at least knock. And the Wyze records a short video showing the drop off, which really cool. It’s not overly sensitive like my old camera (I had to turn off its motion alerts because they would be triggered by shadows on the grass or my rose bush moving in the wind).

I am planning to do this with my second one, but I need to get power there first.

Thanks for the tip, Marc. I actually have a fairly large overhang (3 feet) on the front of my house and think I will do as you suggest. In back the overhand is not quite 12 inches so that may not work as well. Looking forward to playing with this gadget.

– Chuck Bjorgen