Window special effects in High Sierra Mail

(Jeremy Roussak) #1

Is there a way of turning off the bouncing windows in HS Mail? I mean the way in which the message window appears after choosing Reply or some similar command? I want the new window just to appear.

Below HS, I used a hack called AveNoAnimationsInMail (, but it seems to have stopped working in HS.


(Curtis Wilcox) #2

macOS Sierra added a Reduce motion checkbox, maybe that system-wide setting will have the effect you want? It’s found in System Preferences > Accessibility > Display.

Safari shares the status of this setting to web sites so they, if they chose, can disable interface animations. Safari for macOS and iOS is the only browser to implement it so it’s pretty uncommon for sites to check for it.

(Jeremy Roussak) #3

Thanks; but sadly, that box seems to have no any effect on Mail.