Will quality improve after Apple Silicon?

As seems to be the case with many folks here, I have been frustrated and disappointed with the quality of Apple’s products over the past few years. It occurred to me that the push toward Apple Silicon Macs probably began in earnest roughly three years ago (though Darwin/macOS on ARM has been a project in one form or another for considerably longer).

Is it possible that the macOS-on-ARM project has siphoned off a lot of the more proactive and innovative development folks? In most development shops in which I’ve worked (an eternity ago, to be sure) there always seemed to be a few folks with extraordinary talent who, even if they weren’t directly involved in a project, were at least available for curbside consultation or informal oversight of code design. Is it possible that those folks have been physically or logically sequestered from ongoing development efforts in the x86 side, and quality has suffered as a result?

Perhaps I’m just looking for a ray of hope here, but perhaps quality will improve as the AS teams get re-integrated with the x86 devs.

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My guess is it will. Apple made the transition from RISC to Intel rather flawlessly. They’ve got over a decade of experience with in house ARM chip and iOS development. And a two year time schedule to complete the flip seems reasonable. What concerns me is how Mac developers outside of Apple are going to invest in making a seamless and quick transition? And who knows how well Rosetta 2 translated apps will perform in the wild?

Yes, at this point I have certain apps that are the key important resource in my work. Either the whole ecosystem moves or I stay… I suspect a few years before I jump to AS.