WiFi Mobile Sync?

(paulc) #1

A year or so ago, I could wirelessly sync both an older iPad running 9.x and my Pro running the latest iOS with my desktop. Worked 100% every single time. Slowly but surely, I seem to have lost that ability, now I have to always hook up a wire. Yes I have multiple times done exactly what they say to do to “enable wireless syncing.” Yes I have done multiple full shutdowns and powerups. Anyone have any ideas?

(Simon) #2

In my experience wifi syncing is rather unreliable despite running both the latest versions of macOS and iOS. Every once in a while I end up having to restart either iTunes on my Mac or I have to reboot the iPhone (or both) to get it to work again. This is on my simple home wifi (AirPort hardware) that otherwise works very well and performs flawlessly. And even when wifi syncing does work, it’s really slow. Im talking several minutes, not seconds, despite very few changes on the iPhone that would need to be backed up. Not that USB sync were particularly fast either though.

Hopefully it works better on newer devices. My iPhone 6 is of course quite old. And you mention the same for your iPad.

Considering how much Apple emphasizes over-the-air use, something like wifi syncing ought to be rock solid and fast. From listening to others, I don’t get the impression that even on really new hardware it has acquired that reputation. Maybe this is just a reminder that we’re holding it wrong (i.e. not syncing to iCloud).


I just started noticing my 4th generation iPad Pro running 10.3 and my iPhone 8 Plus running the latest iOS don’t always synch notes or reminders. Being hooked up to a wire doesn’t seem to make a difference. iCal seems to be OK.

(paulc) #4

My router is 802.11ac (and Ethernet wired to my desktop) as is my Pro (only last year’s model is newer) so that is virtually wired speed, so synching has to be damn close to wired speeds (which go through USB2 anyway, so I’d believe it could actually be slower). The older hardware is my Gen 3 (I think) that is locked to 9.x. In fact, I’m kinda guessing it’s been 4-5 years of 100% flawless wireless syncing up until the past 12 months or so, if it was flaky during all that time, I’d have a different attitude. Oh, and yes how they go about what to sync HAS always been an issue, I think that is just sloppy work. Oh, and I can’t even “force” itunez to actually look for devices… maybe there is some hidden trick?

Forget about icloud, it holds pitifully little to be of no use at all (well, it does sync the 3-4 appointments I have each month and my 30-50 person contacts and a few low res photos) so even if I wanted to, I could NOT hope to sync it without charges to space about 5G, besides I have a perfectly good desktop that has redundancy backups (TM & clone).

(paulc) #5

Ha, reminds me that I HAVE experienced issues with syncing in the Notes application… it’s how I move text from desktop to tablet and back. Oh, that I think is more an icloud issue then syncing for backup with a desktop.

(John Burt) #6

Me too. I gave up on Notes and use Jottings which works through Dropbox.