Why I Use Mimestream for Gmail

Yes, I was looking for opinions/experiences between Mimestream and Kiwi for Gmail. Comparisons/Pros-Cons welcome. Both appear to be native Mac Apps for GMail and supports multiple gmail accounts in a unified client. Mimestream’s creator is an experienced Mac OS developer so it’s coding/interface/underlying datahandling seem very solid… Kiwi For Gmail says it also supports other Google Apps.

Kiwi is more akin to Mailplane; just an app interface to the Gmail web interface. Mimestream is more like Apple Mail; a full-fledged email client with a unified Inbox.

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You might consider Google Workspace if you do that sort of thing; at least compare pricing to what you have. What you want is supported.

another plus for mimestream:

i copypasta a link to a flickr album from apple mail into a mimestream message. recipients complained that it didn’t work; that they just ended up on the flickr homepage being asked to provide a login. huh? worked for me … until i started clicking around.

still, figured a possible mimestream bug. filed an email report. got an almost immediate response from them. they were very helpful in tracking down the cause. ultimately it was an apple failure in its link preview feature. there were japanese characters in the title of the album. that confused the apple software.

but kudos for mimestream for being so proactive and helpful chasing this down.

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With regards to this:

“Of course, the downside of a Gmail-specific client is that you can’t use it with any email service other than Gmail. Full IMAP support is on Mimestream’s roadmap, though it may require more work than it might seem because of Gmail’s significant architectural differences from IMAP. Regardless, if you want to see IMAP support in Mimestream, I encourage you to vote for it and other features you’d like to see in the future.”

It’s apparently not yet on the “planned” roadmap. Just a “considering” item. I just voted for it.

I wonder how important that is. Most of my accounts are Gmail. And from testing Mimestream again as of a couple of days ago I appreciate the speed and the UI for my Gmail. But I do have an iCloud account and a few generic IMAP accounts as well.

Among the things I’m really appreciating while testing Mimestream again for the first time in nearly two years are:

  1. The sheer speed of it. As you mentioned, your Gmail stuff is just there. I love the responsiveness.

  2. My brain was apparently wired for Gmail keyboard shortcuts and I fell right back into using them.

  3. The labels! Sometimes you want multiple labels on a message thread and that’s what makes Gmail special.

I’ve found a few minor issues, and I’m talking about them with the developer, but it’s really looking nice.

I do have some issues with the subscription price. I do understand than a subscription system is a reasonable way to ensure ongoing support. Especially when Google and Apple keep changing underlying things. But the price of $49.99/year seems a tad high to me just for one email app.

For example, I pay $69/year for my Office365 subscription and that includes all the Office apps (including Outlook), 2 TB of OneDrive space, and some free Skype time. By comparison $49.99 for just one email app, as others have mentioned, seems a tad high. I wonder how much they thought that through - the number of people willing to jump onboard with a lower price vs fewer people willing to pay for a higher price.

I’ve also confirmed that unlike with Apple Mail you cannot move message threads between accounts. That’s also something they are considering for a future release.

I really do love the keystroke operation and speed and appearance.

I’m seeing a few oddities, but Ratnesh in support is being very responsive.