Why does my watch often go into this Apple symbol mode when on the charger?

I don’t think I ever used to notice this before, but lately, my Apple Watch, series 2, seems to go into this mode where the Apple mark is displayed while on the charger. It was not close to being discharged when I put it on the charger this evening. Is it self restarting for some reason?

Lots of people with S2 and S1 are reporting this lately. It’s obviously nothing to do with ios16, but first reports on Reddit were coincident with ios16.

Nobody knows what’s happening. I wonder if it starts happening when batteries reach a certain level of degradation, and those watches now have not been made for 5 years, so likely all have degradation.


You know, it may really have something to do with iOS 16, as the Watch app, health app, calendar, contacts, etc., are upgraded and the watch is always syncing with the iPhone. It’d be interesting to see if the same behavior occurs if you put the watch and/or the phone in airplane mode just before you charge it.