Why Does HomeKit Know When I Get Home But Apple Maps Can't Tell Me How to Get there

How about relying on a dropped pin?

  1. In Apple Maps long press on the screen to drop a pin on the map at your home location
  2. Tap on dropped pin
  3. Tap on triple dot … button
  4. Choose: Add to Existing Contact

In Contacts you can confirm the location is now set as Home address on that contact.

You can then ask Siri:

  • drive me home
  • drive me to {contact name}

(it might ask you which address, if there are multiple contacts by the same name or multiple addresses set. so you want to make sure neither of those are true)

I just confirmed all this on my iPhone by setting my home address to a dropped pin at a random map location in the middle of nowhere that didn’t have a street name or number.

They do have this. I used to sit next to the team in Paris for a while.



I had tried this. The problem is that when I drop a pin on my house Maps assigns it an address that is incorrect and which, in fact, does not exist and which is in the incorrect format:

382/23 Soi Muban Home Land 2
Nakhon Ratchasima
Nakhon Ratchasima 30000

(There is no house number 382/23, at least not anywhere near where I live.)

So, I tried added a second “home” address with the correct house number and format.

Now I have two “home” addresses; one with a location on the map and incorrect house address, the other with no map location, but correct address.

We’ll see how that works.

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Please do let us know!

have a similar problem, only in japan rather than thailand. my house is in a brand new subdivision. my address is …第7工区24街区6番地 which means number 6, block 24, industrial(?) zone 7. sometime next year, my suburb will be officially incorporated into the city and my address will be simplified to …7-24-6 (or maybe …7丁目 24-6). at that time, apple maps may recognise my address. but for now it has no clue.

google maps also doesn’t recognise my address. so you’re one up on me.

for navigation, i use a nearby known landmark as a stand-in for my home address.

Google doesn’t recognize my address, but it does allow me to locate my home on the map and then that location becomes the special “Home” location. Apple doesn’t let you do even that.

I did what @gingerbeardman suggested. That does let you navigate to the location of the dropped pin, but it still doesn’t result in a location called “Home” that has both the correct address and the correct location. So, I can navigate there, but if I use autofill for “Home”, it fills with the wrong address.

And, so it goes.

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ah well, google says my street doesn’t exist at all, so you’re still one up.

Same here. It just says “unnamed road”.

In Settings / Privacy / Location Services / System Services, is significant locations turn on? If not, I would try turning it on.

After the phone learns the location where you are staying is significant, it should show up in the list of Favorites in the Maps app. You can hit the “More” control to the right of “Favorites” and it should show significant locations; you can tap the information control to the right of that to set that location as “My Home”. (It might also be below in the list of “Siri suggestions”.)

If it’s not obvious from what the Maps app lists as the address of the location whether that is the location, you can tap the label rather than the information control to show its location on the map, then tap the close control upper-right to go back to the list of favorite locations.

I believe that’s what Maps uses when you ask to navigate “home”.

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most streets in japan have no name but in this case, google maps doesn’t even show my street.
apple maps does show it, but doesn’t recognise my address as legitimate. legally that’s -er-correct.
it’s all rather confusing, really.

I’ve had success using WhatThreeWords for various applications. I haven’t actually tried to name locations or use it for navigating but I have given my location in that format to others who have found their way to the front door of my house with great precision.

Try this: ‎what3words on the App Store

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