Why can’t drives connected to desktop computers behave like drives connected to iPads?

What is it about the way my iPad will look at my portable SSD that is different from when my desktop Mac looks at the same drive? Why is it that I don’t have to eject the drive from the iPad, but if I don’t eject it from the desktop I get warnings?

I always thought that drives should be built with a small cache separated for the computer interface. The cache would contain the current drive windows displayed and visible information. And that it would polled on a regular basis by the computer, so that when the cache disappears when disconnected, it will then close the window.

Is that what is happening on the iPad or what it is doing?

I would say that your Mac is more cautious about not damaging the.contents of your disk and your iPad is more willing to trust to luck that nothing bad will happen.

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It’s probably because MacOS caches writes to disk, so you can never be sure (as a user) that all writes have been complete, while iPadOS (and iOS) does not.