WhenWorks Offers Self-Service Scheduling for Appointments or Office Hours

Originally published at: https://tidbits.com/2018/07/02/whenworks-creates-self-service-scheduling-for-appointments-or-office-hours/

If you have clients who need to book appointments with you, the new WhenWorks iOS app and service provides a lightweight self-service solution so you can avoid the back-and-forth negotiations to find mutually acceptable times.

Love the sound of this and would suit me perfectly for many uses (student meetings, especially). However, as a “European” (ahem, UK-based), the potential GDPR issues concern me, particularly as I am pretty ignorant of such stuff…insights appreciated!

I suspect no one really knows how GDPR would affect use of WhenWorks, but since you’d be so small, it’s very unlikely that anything would happen one way or another. For there to be a problem, you’d have to ignore requests to remove user data from your systems and someone would have to file a complaint. I just can’t see that happening to an individual.

BUT, is it HIPAA compliant? Could be handy for psychologists, social workers and similar if it is. Not so valuable for regular medical offices or mental health clinics, but for a sole practitioner, it could work, except for those pesky HIPAA rules.