What's with the current FaceTime interface on the Mac?

FaceTime used to be so easy to use: double click on a person’s name and you started the connection.

Now it’s:

  1. Double-click on the person’s name.
  2. Click Join.
  3. And as if that wasn’t enough, you then have to click Ring.

And for my sister answering on her iPad it’s even more confusing. She answers, but it is also ringing on her iPhone, with no obvious way of making it stop. So she answers there, then has two sessions going with me, and so hangs up on the iPhone.

Who decided to take a simple system like that and just make it so complicated and confusing?


“It just works” has become “It only just works”!

A FaceTime call always comes through on my phone, and rarely on my Mac. So I answer on the phone and follow the procedure to transfer to the Mac, at which point the call is always dropped when I close FaceTime on the phone. So then I have to call back, and at least, that sometimes works. Used to be a dropped call would require someone to do a restart, or the FaceTime servers would think that party was still engaged in another call.

It’s like a Steve Reich composition when my Macs, iPad and phone gets a call… but they stop once I pick up.

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Thank you for starting this thread. FaceTime has become so erratic for me that I wanted to start a thread but couldn’t compose a coherent question. I still can’t, but at least I know it’s not just me. Half the time, I can’t answer a FaceTime call. (Sometimes the device keeps ringing; sometimes the device stops ringing but there is no connection.) Sometimes, the incoming call will only ring on my MBA, which is closed and attached to an external display, so I can’t answer the call because the camera is not available. Rephrasing @mpainesyd’s comment, “It just works—occasionally.”

I haven’t seen these problems, but have certainly heard all of these complaints from others. I suspect I am dodging them by only have Facetime enabled on my iPad.

It is disabled on my iPhone. My MacStudio (and previous Mac Pro) has no camera or microphone… (minor long-standing rant deleted, you’re welcome… ;~}