What to do with Climate Change

Some time ago there was an article about how one tidbits contributor had weathered I think it was a fire in CA where he listed what he needed to survive.
With the happenings in Texas and the statement that something similar could happen anywhere it would be interesting in reading that again
Can somebody point me to that article, please

I’d like to see that too. I don’t remember it and wasn’t able to find it in a search. Living in earthquake/volcano country, I’ve been trying to do the prep thing for awhile now–assuming two months with no services is not excessive here. I love to see new ideas because they’re so often better than mine.

A good starting point is Ready.gov (regardless of country). It has good basic information about how to prepare, and what kinds of things you should prepare for. Beyond that, see if your state, county and city have emergency materials available. They might be in a department called something like Office of Emergency Management. They should have local information about what kind of emergencies you’re likely to be exposed to, evacuation routes, etc.


On the device charging front, last autumn I replaced my old Goal Zero 150 Wh lead acid power pack with a lithium RavPower 250Wh Power Station. List price is $250, but they always seem to have coupon codes for it; I bought when it showed me $90 off. I like it much better than the goal zero–it’s smaller and lighter, twice the capacity, has lots more ports, and claims to be true sine wave. I’m trying to keep it a little bit exercised by using it as a primary charger for the iThings, but te get a good cycle in I’ll have to plug something more substantial.


I remember it also, and it a very moving story. I also tried to find it and was also unsuccessful. My guess is that because it ran in TidBITS years ago, maybe it didn’t get archived in Discourse.