What Safari settings affects "XMLHTTP request cannot load $URL due to access control checks"?

Hey folks,

I’ve been trying to figure out what changed between Safari versions. I recently installed 17.1 on my mini, running Monterey. Now when I try to load a site like Access Owl’s login page… it never loads. But it used to on previous versions of Safari.

It loads in Chrome, so I can get work done, but that’s not my daily driver :slight_smile:

I’ve tried disabling all extensions… no difference. Allowing it explicitly in Safari: Websites: Content Blockers, Location, etc. No differemce. Turned off prevent-cross-sote tracking. Nope.

Suggestions welcome!



Hmmm… it works for me on 17.1 - on an iPad Air 4, with content blockers.

I suppose I might try Settings / Safari / Advanced / Website Data, search for the web site, and deleting it from there, just to rule out a weird cache issue.

Are you using iCloud Private Relay? It’s possible that Private Relay’s masking of your IP address is what is causing the problem. You can either turn off Private Relay in your iCloud settings , or, in Safari, you can go to View>Reload and Show IP Adress from your Safari menu.

I think the issue has popped up becausApple’s recent update plugged some Private Relay holes. I’ve actually used the 2nd option twice in the last 24 hours.