What Mac word processor produces the cleanest html?

We need to turn a large Google doc (a sort of encyclopaedia) into the cleanest possible html code so that individual pieces (=entries) can be taken out and turned into easily readable (and massageable) html documents of their own, to be used in a web version of the encyclopaedia. Both the code produced directly by exporting as html from GoogleDocs, and the code produced by MS Word (after exporting the GoogleDoc as a Word file) are bloated and not well manageable. Does anyone have a better suggestion for what workflow to use?
Thank you,
Albrecht Hofheinz

We do a fair amount of exporting of HTML from Google Docs for TidBITS and TidBITS Content Network articles. It’s pretty easy to write a BBEdit Text Factory to clean up the extraneous stuff. It looks bad, but there aren’t really that many tags (most SPANs) to delete. I’m happy to share ours.

I was pretty sure I came across a script for this with Nisus Writer Pro and a quick search on their forum later…


I don’t know about using MacJournal for lengthy documents but I always found their “select text - right click - copy as html” to be easy and clean.

Hi Adam, if you could share your BBEdit Text Factory, that would be awesome! My mail address is albrecht.priv@gmail.com.

Thanks also to Tommy for pointing us to the NWP script. I haven’t had the opportunity yet to try it out, but am looking forward to comparing the results there with Adam’s BBEdit solution.

As for MacJournal, it imports Word docs but without all the hyperlinks they contain, so that wouldn’t work for our purposes.

Thank you both for you help!