What I look for in a download site

When it comes to downloading software, this is what I want:

  1. A list of software with a brief, accurate description of each program.
  2. A long list—longer than ten at a time, so I don’t have to click through many pages
  3. The ability to sort the list by:
    a) Paid/Free
    b) Number of Downloads
    c) possibly date of release
    d) possibly by reviews (stars) if the reviews are reliable
    e) possibly by type of program
  4. System requirements should be shown clearly and accurately.
  5. The download link should be obvious and easy to find. It should lead directly to the download and it should work.
  6. The information, such as the version number, should be accurate.
  7. The ability to open a link in a tab. I use tabs all the time.

The App Store fails on nearly every point.