What app is intercepting a keyboard shortcut?

Weird one. A couple of months ago, the keyboard shortcut for Apple Mail’s “Quote Level > Increase” menu command [command ‘] stopped working. The “Quote Level > Decrease ” menu command [command-option-’] still works!

Something else must be using that shortcut. Is there a way to tell what app or plugin is receiving a given keybd command? Anyone have any guesses as to what app uses [command '] ?

I disabled TextExpander, looked through the Keyboard Shortcuts in the System Prefs – no clues.

Any ideas?

The culprit must lie within the apps that are running. I would do a fresh startup and see if the issue arose. If it was present then I’d be looking at your Startup Items in the Accounts pane.

If it wasn’t then it’s a matter of monitoring it as apps are launched.

Others may know if there’s a ‘show all currently applied keyboard commands by app’ script or app out there.

I don’t believe that to be true. Keyboard shortcuts can be added as Services by the app when it is installed or first launched and will actually launch the app if necessary.

It’s not a keystroke that I use very often on my Mac, so I didn’t notice that it is no longer working for me in Mojave now, although the Format->Quote Level->Increase does work and does show ⌘’ as shortcut.

So if there’s two of you… then also possibly a bug in Mail.app.

Solved it. A story with a few twists…

Not a bug in Mail. I restarted in Safe Mode (hold Shift) and the problem went away. Noted what add-ons were running (screenshot of Menu Bar, mainly) and restarted in normal mode. Guess what: The problem was not happening!! I recall that there are times when the problem is there and isn’t. I started Googling for more clues and noticed – wait, the problem is back!! Took another screen shot of the menu bar and compared.

The menu bar when the problem was there had one more icon than the menu bar when the problem is not there. It’s LastPass, which had launched when I fired up Safari. A few tests confirmed LastPass is the culprit. But I have used LastPass for years without issue.

I poked around Lastpass’s settings. It had three Hotkeys set. None of them were [command-’]. But I cleared them all, just because. And the problem went away. Even restoring the settings to what I think they were before could not cause the problem to come back!

My best guess is that the prefs file for LastPass picked up a corruption which was cleared when I manually fiddled with the hot keys.

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