Weeding Out Google Photos Account

Now that Google has announced a limit on its free Photos storage, I want to reduce the shots in my account.

I have three problems.

  1. I used Google Backup and Sync app on my iMac to back up my photos (I also have them backed up on a local exterior hard drive). The app stopped working, and I’ve tried to delete it but it doesn’t want to go.

  2. I set my account to automatically back up my iPhone photos—big mistake since I take a lot of shots and the account is loaded with useless stuff. How can I shut this feature off?

  3. I want select and delete large batches of useless files on my Photos account to stay under their limit. I know how to do this on my iMac using the shift key and scrolling, but I’d like to do it on my new iPad Pro. But I can’t figure out how to select more than one at a time on the iPad. The little select circle in the upper left corner of the image that you use on other devices doesn’t appear to allow you to click in it. The instructions I find online just say to select the files you want to delete.

Google is promising a new Photos account managing app for next summer, some time after a lot of us have hit our free limit.

Any tips?

Don’t worry about weeding out your current photos. The policy applies to photos added after June 1, 202. See here.

I missed that—thanks. But I still need to shut off the automatic backup from my iPhone.

Yea this is a massive bait and switch. Very unkind. Moving your photo library can be very painful. As with your music library, all the metadata is not in the files. Faces, keywords, etc. I almost went this route and I have many friends who have.

Does anyone know of this new limit applies to Android users, too?

I figured out one bit of this: No. 3. On an iPad you can press and hold (not tap) on a date to select all the photos taken on that date, then trash them. And before you do, you can click on any you want to save to deselect one.

I’m still trying to figure out how to turn off automatic syncing between my iPhone, iMac, and Google Photos. I could swear I talked to a Google support person about a different problem not long ago, but now I can’t find a phone number. Anybody got one that works?