Web design interfering with Safari password options

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of websites have been designed to include widgets at the right hand side of the user/pass fields, in some cases dynamic based on mouse position. This interferes with Safari’s built in password management options. Often trying to click on that little key will activate the option displayed by the web page instead. Right clicking on the password field will not offer an item for password management. I cannot immediately see an appropriate menu item either.

Do you guys have good advice on how to deal with this situation? It’s especially annoying when I’d like to use the built in password suggestion to get a hard long password when setting up a new account.

Is there anything I could temporarily switch off (like Javascript) that would stop the website from dynamically overlaying icons in these boxes?

Can you give some examples of such sites? I use LastPass, and it sometimes overlaps bits of these login fields, but I’ve never been actually prevented from logging in because of it.

United Airlines is one that comes to mind. When I log on with my FF credentials I cannot use Safari’s key icon in the password field because UA is overlaying it with a “Show” label.

Something similar happens logging into American Airlines and using Dashlane to auto fill.
AA asks for 3 things so one has to manually enter one of them.

David Tuma

Interesting. When I click in the Password field, Safari puts the key icon to the left of the Show label. This is in Safari in the current version of Mojave.

LastPass is a bit more awkward, putting its icon over the Show label. But since you can use the icon in the username field to autofill both (and I generally have LastPass set to autofill on load so no action is required), it isn’t a problem.

United is actually fairly benign in that it only covers the password field. So as you said, Adam, you can click on Safari’s key icon in the name field and you’re good.

But there are other sites where they draw into both boxes obscuring Safari’s key icon in both. The question is how to deal with those.

Is this discussion about Safari on MacOS or Safari on iOS, or both?

I wonder why you’re seeing the Show label being in the way of Safari’s password icon, whereas on my system, it was drawn appropriately to the left of Show.

HS vs. Mojave maybe?

Also, I see now that on the UA site Safari’s lock icon shows up next to the overlay text in the pass box. But there, although the icon shows up, I cannot actually click on it. Adam, did you check if it’s clickable or if it just shows up?

There are a few JavaScript sites that are a true pain in the neck in this way. Verizon manages to break both password autofill and copy and paste, meaning that since I don’t trust them with my cards (and neither should you), I’m pulling out the plastic and manually keying it once a month.

The only workaround I’ve found: TextExpander snippets that expand to the card number, with the rest of the data memorized. I still have to retype it but I don’t have to pull anything out of my pocket.

You might want to try Chrome or Firefox to see if either plays more nicely with their idiotic programming.

Thanks, Jeff. I don’t have Chrome, but I do have FF. I guess it could work there, but I have come to rely so much on Safari password management. So I was hoping there might be some trick to get website to stop from dynamically overlaying stuff where Safari’s key icon goes.