watchOS Workout screen behaviour change

have a series 5 watch running watchos 6.2.1.

went for a bike ride this morning. selected workouts->outdoor cycle and let it start. a bit later, glanced at the watch, expecting to see the usual stats displayed in low-power mode. instead, the watch was just displaying the time. if i’d looked carefully (which you don’t do whilst riding a bike), i would have seen the stats dimmed and blurred beneath the time. can’t recall changing anything between yesterday, when the workout displayed as expected, and today. but who knows? senior moment?

what could i have changed to get workout to just display the time? better: how do i get the expected behaviour back?


It’s say without actually seeing what you saw, but one thing that could have happened is that you received a notification which displayed on the screen instead of the workout. When the watch was in low power, it showed the time in the upper-right corner until it went back to the workout.

I turn on DND while in a workout so something like that doesn’t happen.

don’t think that’s it, doug. i’ve the watch/phone configured to dnd during workouts and the only notification waiting after the ride was its usual complaint about greater than 90db noise exposure which is just the wind howling over the watch.

also i stopped and tapped the screen to see if the workout was still being tracked - it was - then switched to the home screen in the hope that when it went back to low power mode, it would be fixed. no such luck.

may try the microsoft solution: reboot.

so far, the watch has only done that the one time. so who knows what triggered it. doesn’t appear to be reproducible.