watchOS 6.2.5 Brings ECG and Irregular Heart Rhythm Notifications to Saudi Arabia

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Apple has released watchOS 6.2.5, a highly focused update to bring the ECG app and irregular heart rhythm notifications to Saudi Arabia, along with as-yet-unspecified security fixes.

Ever since the update was installed, automatically, my battery life is much worse. I often used get two days use out of an overnight charge; now it needs recharging every day. It may have 50% left when I go to bed, but if I wear it at night, it is in power saving mode by the next morning.

I haven’t added any apps since the new version.

The first troubleshooting step for battery drain on the watch, if you haven’t done it already, is to shut down and restart. There may be a rogue process running that will be cleared with a restart.

Thanks Doug, I’ll give that a try. BTW, it’s a Series 3 watch, FWIW