Vision Pro sharing?

Just curious…

So…let’s suppose I am now in the possession of a Vision Pro (yes, it’s 2024). A friend comes over and sees the goggles…and asks if he can try them out. Or maybe my wife wants to see how they work. How will this sharing work? I already know that the custom adjustments for my eyesight may present a problem. What other obstacles might we trip over? Are they readily solvable? Or is a pair of goggles only intended to be used by one person?

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Supposedly also the Light Seal part is also personalized such that it fits snug to your head.

Well, my first thought was that they did a bunch of half-hour personal demos at WWDC, so the device must be sharable to some extent, no?

I don’t know how they exactly did those parts, perhaps they had multiple fits in hand. I do know that for the personal demos they gave tech journalists after the intro event, they measured their heads using an iPhone app to choose the proper sized shield. I remember Joanna Stern detailing how that process went, but I’m afraid her WSJ article is now behind a paywall.

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All good questions for which we won’t have answers until Apple releases more information.

Listening to the Talk Show (Gruber was one of the lucky ones), they had a collection of both light seals and corrective lenses on hand for the demos. I believe there is a mode where one can turn off the iris scanning to allow someone else to use it, but without a tight-fitting seal, the experience might be less than optimal. Of course, corrective lenses would also be a problem (I would guess that the optics are set for infinity so that anyone with good distant vision should not need lenses).

FWIW, this is part of what I see as the second biggest obstacle to widespread adoption of Vision Pro: sharing limitations. Not only sharing in the sense of the questions I asked here…but sharing in the sense of someone else viewing what I’m seeing when wearing Vision Pro. With a Mac, when I open a spreadsheet, someone standing behind me can just look over my shoulder to see what I am seeing. With Vision Pro, I have no clear idea how a similar effect would be achieved. Does Apple plan a feature, for example, where what I am seeing through Vision Pro could also be seen on any nearby Mac? That would at least be something.