Vision Pro reviews

Marques Brownlee’s review of the Vision Pro:

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One thing that all the reviewers seems to have missed (at least the ones I have read/watched) is that the Vision Pro does not come with an Apple sticker in the box! The end of an era. :(


Cleo Abram did a video speculating on the future of what the Vision Pro might become, working with Marques Brownlee. “If this is V1, what is v10?” I found it interesting.

Yep…like the Apple Watch, this first version doesn’t have all the flaws worked out and to be honest doesn’t do anything I want to do…and with the limitations on battery life and the size/weight/makes you look like an idiot features make me want to wait. When it gets lighter, smaller, battery lasts longer…and most importantly has some features I will use…maybe.