Verizon Offering Free Apple Arcade with Unlimited 5G Plans

Originally published at: Verizon Offering Free Apple Arcade with Unlimited 5G Plans - TidBITS

If you subscribe to either of Verizon’s 5G Play More or 5G Get More unlimited plans, you now get free access to Apple Arcade indefinitely.

You asked about favorite Apple Arcade games.
I enjoy FlipFlop Solitaire+ by Zach Gage. The game re-imagines solitaire in ways that make it better for digital play, and more rewarding for replay.
Wurdweb and SpellTower+ are good word games.
My son especially enjoys Wonderbox, which allows him to design his own levels. It’s great.
Overall, I am not sure that I would pay for Apple Arcade on its own. We have it because it’s bundled with our family-shared Apple One that we pay for to get storage, music, and news. Since we get Apple Arcade, we do enjoy checking out different games without the constant ads and pay-to-win of free and freemium games. Still, I had played FlipFlop Solitaire and SpellTower long before they were Apple Arcade games, but I appreciate that Apple is providing developers like Zach Gage with an income.

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