Ventura threw me offline

I know, I shouldn‘t have done this: I installed Ventura and now I‘m offline.
No idea what happend. My local network is visible but I cannot connect. My router is also unreachable.
It‘s a MBP M1.
Is there a way to restart in Safe Mode? This seems not to be available on a M1.

Any suggestions?

I will send a feedback to Apple.

Definitely available on Apple silicon (Mn+) Macs. Here’s a detailed walkthrough:

Aside from this, is your network password protected? If so, are you prompted for the password when you attempt to connect? It might be helpful to post a screen shot of your System Preferences > Network > WiFi panel (redacted as needed, of course).

Just a hunch, but have you tried setting up a brand new network location and then selecting wifi from that?

Thanks for the hint re Safe Mode. I am in Safe Mode now and I’m back in business.

Looks like I have to hunt for the culprit now. Any advice?

I should have held my horses: there is a way how to proceed in the link. I’ll try that and will report the findings.

I deactivated every single extension, restarted and … no Internet.

Sorry to hear that. There were a couple other suggestions up the thread, have you tried those?

I assume you have a backup. If so, just reinstall if all else fails.

And if you don’t, make a backup (to an external hard drive or SSD) now. Then do a wipe/install. After confirming that the network works (or going back to your previous macOS if it doesn’t), use Migration Assistant to restore your home directories and (maybe) apps.

I am reinstalling Ventura at the moment. This should be taking the better part of tonight. Next thing will be a new network location and if that fails I‘ll whipe my MacBook and start from scratch with Monterey (yes I have a backup).

Sigh …. Why am I doing this?