Ventura breaks PDF/JPG viewing on SMB connected NAS/Server

Since Ventura we see the following behavior on every installation. It doesn’t matter whether the Mac is an M1/2 or Intel, and it happens on Synology devices and Windows servers.

  • macOS Ventura 13.2 (at least) until 13.4.1(c)
  • network share connected with SMB 3, SMB 2 or SMB 1

If a PDF with images or also JPG images are viewed over the network, the images inside are corrupted. This happens with QuickView, Preview and Adobe Acrobat. The images look just like damaged JPGs where from a certain line there an only grey pixels.

When copying the file to the local hard disk they are in perfect state. So the problem only occurs when opening directly from the network share.

When connected by AFP there are no problems.

We reported the problem to Apple, after a week they had no solution and now it’s quite again …

I’m really wondering how such a big issue for a very basic action doesn’t wake the word of Apple users!
Are you experiencing this problems as well?

Would be glad to hear from you …

I’m running Ventura 13.4 and I QuickLook PDFs from a NAS (SMB) server several times a day. I haven’t experienced this at all. Perhaps you can narrow it down to some other specific circumstances.

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omg … you saved my day!

I checked what else could be the problem and I found it, it was AVAST Business! We use it on all our installations and it looks like since Ventura it’s working a bit different!

thanks :))