Ventura and Office For Mac

I have been an Office user since Windows. Then in 2008 when I switched to Apple and all my equipment became Apple’s Mac etc., I purchased Office for Mac. The programs I use the most are Outlook and Word. Office has always been flaky. But now with Ventura I am in slough land. Spinning beach balls all the time with mos5 operations. Tech support is delivered via Chat through the program one is in. And they offer in many cases mediocre assistance. It has been reduced to practically a kind or torture with spinning beach balls taking time and causing repeat attempts at most operations. Microsoft Tech support has become irrelevant. On my M1 Mac Mini (2021), used for playing music, Monterey is the macOS. And Mail used sparingly has none of these issues. I am at a complete stand still re Outlook and Word for Mac. No support from Microsoft that resolves any of the issues. Ventura has broken Office For Mac which never fully operated as I would expect. And now each day is torture. Unfortunately, I am so used to two programs, I have hobbled myself when either Apple or Microsoft updates hobble those programs. Nothing I did including calling Apple tech support who had me re-install Ventura on my iMac 27” Retinal and 40GB memory and the best processor etc. The reinstall did nothing but reinstall Ventura. And when the Internet through Safari was unreachable, a senior tech advised me to delete Norton 360 completely and/or remove their VPN which is not possible without removing the whole program. But it gave me the idea. So despite hours with Apple, and a conversation with a senior tech, I just turned “off” the VPN of Norton 360 and Voila! Internet returned after the the reinstall. With Monterey, Norton’s VPN was never really an issue, except with certain companies on the Internet. As for Office for Mac, I have bought a beach ball. Ventures is a piece of work. Perhaps, the effect on pre-existing programs that operated reasonably well after Apple’s updates is now even more hobbled with Ventura than any other macOS, in my opinion. And if neither Apple nor Microsoft can help, I have resorted to prayer. Amen.

Office 365 (or whatever it’s called these days) is working fine on Ventura for me. 2019 iMac (Intel). I make extensive use of Excel but not Word so much though. I just hooked up my iCloud email to Outlook just now to check it out and it seems quite responsive, though it will take quite a while to download my archived messages (86,000 of them). Have you tried out Office using a new test Mac account? If not it might be worth trying, just to see if the problem is with the support files.

I also have had no issues with Office since upgrading to Ventura on a Mac Studio M1 Max. I use quite large Excel sheets and Word documents full of linked graphics and tables, with no spinning balls in sight.

I concur with Richard you should look at old preferences/conflicting extensions instead.

Thank you for your feedback. Best, Richard

Thank you for your feedback. I was hoping tech support could help. But they’re hit and miss or miss and hit. Best, Richard

Thank you, Best, Richard