USB 2 hub breaking USB rechargeable bike lights?

Hello from Ottawa, Canada, all!

As an avid cyclists, I’ve been using an old USB 2.0 hub to charge my USB-rechargeable bike lights.

I’ve been doing this for a few years now, and love the fact that I can charge up to ten lights on this hub, which is far better then doing so sequentially which as you’d imagine, is far more time consuming.

However, the last time I tried charging some 6 lights; something went wrong? All six of those lights that I was charging at the time, now longer turn on?

Does anyone know of a way/procedure to perhaps reset these lights, so they work again?

[… thought I’d ask, even though I doubt there’s anyway of regaining my lights.]

More importantly, assuming these lights are garbage, can anyone explain what may have gone wrong here, in this one-time incident?

Any and all insights will be appreciated.

Thanks for considering this.

Bill Taylor

Oh dear! Good bike lights are expensive.

Does the hub still work? And what about the USB socket or power supply it was attached to?

Try charging the lights individually again from a USB supply that you know works. If something went wrong with the hub, perhaps the lights are simply discharged to the point where they won’t turn on.