Uptime Robot startled me by changing to paid services for anything useful - any alternatives

While Uptime Kuma seems so attractive, I don’t see how to make it work when you’re monitoring like 10-20 different sites and simply don’t get basic information in the email notifications like what the URL is that was checked so you can go in and check yourself and locate the server in question.

For now back to seeing how to make this work with an Uptime Robot free plan by filtering notifications in Gmail and getting them forwarded to people who need to know.

Uptime Kuma seems really nice otherwise. But like zero useful info in the notifications is currently a show stopper. :frowning:


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I’m not sure what you’re after exactly, but I use https://healthchecks.io for monitoring my sites and services. I’ve been with them for ages, and they’ve always been great.

It’s free for up to 20 jobs and 3 team members.

I have it set up to both email me and trigger a Keyboard Maestro macro which puts an alert on my screen immediately.

It’s detected quite a few issues over the years and helped me resolve them before anyone notices.


I’ll check them out. Thanks.


@doug2 I was taking a look to see how this could be done and noticed you submitted a feature request. Nicely done. Hopefully that will get some attention. Good luck in your search, let us know what you find.

Well, {{HOSTNAME_OR_URL}} in the subject header does work. However as far as I can see there is no way to add keywords being checked there - or even that it is a keyword check.

And apparently there is no way to have a customized body.

So far it’s not really sufficient for the monitoring I do.

I’d like to test with Uptime Robot having Gmail filters forward notices to multiple recipients as needed. But… unlike Uptime Kuma, Uptime Robot’s “test alert” (which is listed as a beta feature) doesn’t seem to work. Nothing goes out.

So still not sure what to do.

I was doing more testing (never be hasty) and I believe Uptime Kuma has everything I need! It’s all not in the location I’m accustomed to, but it does seem to work and provide all the info, between a customized subject and the default body.

So thank you!


I use UptimeRobot for our business sites so it is worth a small cost to simultaneously alert multiple people. Nonetheless, I do use an email alias instead of multiple addresses as it’s just easier for me to control through our mail host (I use A2 Hosting but any one will work the same way). If you’re using Gmail for this it’s quite easy to create a filter-and-forward process that will be reliable and serve your needs. There are plenty of instructions a quick search away but the whole process will take you no more than a couple of minutes.

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Uptime Kuma is actually pretty cool (thanks for the suggestion! I have it working now, hosted at PikaPods and instead of who-knows-how-much-uptime-will-charge-every-month-but-a-lot, it’s estimated that this will cost us just $1.40/month.

The notices are different, but easy to understand. It’s quite flexible.

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