Updating Apple Watch Series 3 instead of resetting

I have an Apple Watch Series 3, and has problems with updates. Ever time I do an update through the iPhone, I get an error that says I don’t have enough memory. I usually have to completely reset my watch.

Recently, I discovered I can update my watch directly from my watch and not through my phone. For the last two updates, it worked without resetting my watch. This last time, I got the warning on my phone, but the Watch updated with no issues.

To update your watch, go to System->General->Software Update on your watch. It must be charging and at least 50% charged. You can get to System by pressing the crown.

Good work—can any other Apple Watch Series 3 users confirm this workaround as helping?

After upgrading to the series 6 watch I I turned off the 3 and put it in a drawer, after doing that tedious unpair/pair update. Next update I was able to run the update without going through that because it had not been used. Same with this last update. I will definitely try that with the next watch update.

I was pleased to let Apple do the update overnight on my series 6 this week. Just left it on the charger. That was a first time for me.