Unsplash and Microsoft sponsor a photo contest – guess whose computers are showing up?

For the month of September, the free photography site Unsplash and Microsoft (through its Windows brand) are sponsoring a Work from Home theme month on the Unsplash site. Unsplash users are invited to share their photos of working from home to the topic, and “Windows” will curate and choose the most evocative photos on the topic.

Scrolling through the first 360 or so submissions, it looks like they’ll have an easy time of it if they want to stay on brand. Well over 90 percent of the computers, tablets, and smartphones depicted in the photographs are Apple products.

There are a few gaming setups, one lonely Dell laptop, and a few setups that look like ergonomic nightmares. They might even be operating under Windows.

I wonder if after all these years Apple users just reflexively respond to calls like this with (very attractive) guerrilla marketing techniques, or if it’s more that people getting stuff done at home are using Macs and iOS devices.

In any case, it’s an inspiration!

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