Unable to disable auto-off function for HP Officejet printers

I replaced my ancient HP Officejet printer with one of the latest models this week. The setup process was tedious but everything seemed to work. The next morning my Mac and iOS devices reported that no printers were available.
Eventually, after searching the HP support website I found that many people were complaining that they couldn’t disable the auto-off “feature” on the latest Officejet models. The only option is to select a delay of between 2 and 8 hours. So every morning the printer needs to be manually turned on.
There is also a user-set turn on/off timer but this doesn’t seem to make a difference.
This seems a crazy situation for typical office situations where people do not sit next to the printer.
Furthermore, the process of auto-off seems to affect the way the printer appears on the network (dynamic IP?) and so my devices report a suspicious address for the printer each morning. Grrr!
I suppose the only fix will be if HP issues a firmware update. I couldn’t find a HP feedback page to request this.