Unable to add document to print job

A two month old (i.e.new) Lexmark printer B2236dw is used via AirPrint/WiFi.
After a 30 min power cut the other day, all devices came back to life, including another HP printer.

But we can’t print anymore to the Lexmark, the print queue remained “red”.

I deleted Printer Queue in SysPrefs, set up a new one, the Lexmark showed up instantly during this set-up, new queue was green, but printing attempts now results in this:

  • Job appears in queue
  • Message “Printer idle”,
  • Message “Connecting to printer”
  • Message “Printer idle”,
  • Message “Connecting to printer”

this is repeating several times

  • Then “Unable to add document to print job.” (not the exact wording as the actual message is in German)

This happens with printing from different apps.
Restarted the Mac (High Sierra 10.13.6), no avail.
Eventually, in desperation, I reset the entire printing system, added all printers from scratch, but ended up exactly where I was.

Any ideas?

Hmmmm, mHm.
My Epson WP4533 can be reset by: turning off, removing power plug, then holding down (long press) the power button WHILE I PLUG the power cord back in. That resets the printer itself, somehow.
You might see if your Lexmark has a similar way to totally reset the printer. Just a thought.
Best! Patrick

Thank you @pcarrington
There is indeed a comparable RESET of the print server. It didn’t improve our situation, but it was a new thought.

Shame the the error message gave no indication where to look, it remained unclear if macOS failed or indeed the printer.

We now think this printer needs to be replaced. Luckily we are under warranty, the shortage of smaller printers will make it difficult to get it replaced, but we are where we are.

Aaaand finally, after just 4 days, we were successful. Another full factory RESET, not the first one we did, brought the printer back to life.

I hope it stays this way.

Congratulations. This brings up a learning point: do a reset then re-do it a few times if necessary. Thank you. Patrick