Typinator 8.10

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Maintenance update for the text expansion utility with general stability enhancements and bug fixes. (€24.99 new, free update, 9.6 MB, macOS 10.10+)

I’ve been using Typinator (and companion utility, PopChar) for years and am generally happy with them - I’ve never been tempted to swap back to TextExpander.

One minor niggle - partly addressed by this post and others like it in the past (thanks!) - is that their daily update check has never once alerted me to a new update. It’s never been a major issue (and that’s my excuse for not taking the time to report it to them), but it is a bit annoying. Has anyone else seen this problem?

I’ve noticed this too, it’s just as well I get these product update notices from TidBITS.

I have update notices set to weekly, and eventually I get notified.

Wonder if changing the update frequency in the “Check for Updates” dialog would reset a preference that’s corrupted or unregistered?

For whatever reason (maybe because they are menubar utilities) none of the Ergonis utilities use the Notification Center for update notices.

Hey Gary,

I don’t recall ever having that problem.

Typinator prompted me to update to 8.10 in the last couple of days…

The moral of the story is – report bugs to the developer!  :sunglasses:

They are very helpful and responsive.


We have not yet heard about such a problem. Please try the “Check for Update” feature in Typinator by clicking the “Now” button in Preferences → Updates, which triggers an immediate check. You should see a message like “Last check on …” together with the info that your installed version is up to date or which new version is available. If you see an error message instead ( “Last check on … failed” ), please make sure that communication to our server is not being blocked by a firewall (hardware or software like Little Snitch).
If this does not help, please contact us directly at typinator-support (at) ergonis.com.
Best regards
Christoph Reichenberger (Ergonis Software)


Hey Gary,

You must be a celebrity…

Scope out Post #6


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