Two weird problems with Ventura so far: switching between apps and terminals disconnecting overnight

These are the two sort of annoying problems I’ve run into so far with Ventura since upgrading a few days ago:

  1. Switching between apps using CMD+tab doesn’t work quite right. For example, I might switch from Mail to Excel and end up with CyberDuck blocking my view of Excel.

  2. I usually stay connected to a few servers in Terminal, even when I go to sleep. They rarely get disconnected overnight in Monterey, but every morning since upgrading I have been disconnected and need to login again.

Anybody else seeing these things?

I don’t use Ventura (yet) but, in general, if you’re using SSH to connect to those servers, the problem could be that Ventura’;s version of SSH is using defaults which cause an inactivity timeout. You can try creating a file in ~/.ssh/config with these contents:

Host *
  ServerAliveInterval 30
  TCPKeepAlive no

You don’t have to reboot afterward, but these settings will only apply to new SSH sessions, not any that are already open.

Thanks. Actually the last two days it was ok, so maybe it was just a “settling down” thing after the upgrade to Ventura.

And the switching app issue seems to only happen with CyberDuck - so maybe it’s a bug with that app.

So, I thought it was time to upgrade my 2018 Mac Mini to Ventura, having been on Catalina, bypassing Big Sur and Monterey. I’m not too excited about the new login screen, that is a lot of orange, but since I rarely reboot that isn’t a big concern.
The two big concerns are that the finder buttons appear grey now, which looks wrong.


Also, my blu-ray desktop icons are now gone. I just get a blank area where the icon should be, with the name of the disk shown.


I did a web search, and it looks like Apple removed the blu-ray icon from macOS 11. Makes no sense to me.
About the grey button, anything I can do about that or is that the expected behavior?


I’m not running Ventura yet, but on my Big Sur system, these buttons are in the configured accent color, part of the General system preferences:

Screen Shot 2023-01-21 at 15.31.21

What happens if you change that color? According to the Ventura documentation, it should work:

Thanks for the suggestion. I was seeing the highlight color, so I thought it retained my original selections, but I went ahead and changed them to another color to see if that made a difference.
It didn’t, but I think I see the issue. When I go to that window it is greyed out like it is a background window instead of the one chosen. If I click on the desktop then click back to that window, it is no longer grey and it becoms the accent color chosen. So it looks like some bug in macOS where it doesn’t immediately identify it is now the focused window. I hope I am saying this correctly.
Anyway, it is just a minor issue that I probably just need to get over.