Turning off Mac Mail Autofill Addresses - How? CL?

Mail’s auto complete is driving me crazy. Sometimes it lets me type through to an address and ignore the “suggestions”, and sometimes it absolutely refuses to let me enter the correct address (not a suggested addy) and completes the address with one of it’s suggestions. It’s random, weird and annoying. I’ll actually completely type out say joe@somewhere.com, space bar or tab, and joe@noyouwantthisguy.com from my address book will fill in. Making me crazy. And then sometimes it doesn’t do it. Even more crazy making. Am I alone in this? No, I have several co-workers that can vouch for this nutty behavior.

I’ve deleted all previous recipients - makes no difference. I don’t always want to save a recipient in my address book, either, so that’s out (an address book entry can be selected in the blue popup).

Anyone know a CL setting I can use to completely turn this broken feature off? Seen this on Sierra and High Sierra. There used to be a setting for this in Preferences but it’s vanished. TIA!

Sorry to hear it—Mail can be problematic at times. Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that there’s any way to turn off this feature. Might be a reason to try a different email client.

I don’t think I’ve ever had the problem of auto-complete overriding my choice. But …

Something you said has me wondering. " type out say joe@somewhere.com, space bar or tab, and …".

Space bar? What are you using the space bar for? Experimenting, it appears to me that typing the space bar while there are auto-complete suggestions confirms the selected suggestion. Perhaps that’s the problem?

I wonder if you are using the space bar to separate multiple addressees? Use a comma for that.

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I concur with @jajvj1; Spacebar confirms and extends the auto-selection choice; Return or Enter is used also to confirm the desired autocomplete choice or to complete a fully-typed address. I think you’re maybe just hitting the wrong keys. (?)

I personally love autocomplete; it is extremely smart about presenting the last-used/received address, and I only get frustrated when I want to use a different address for the same person or a different party ( I know a LOT of Marks).

Yes. Autofill can be a bug. The times that it really annoys is when I am typing “alot” or “appt.”